We do NOT cancel orders, split ship orders or combine shipping for ANY reason. This isn't to be rude but is to keep our accuracy during fulfillment higher, changing orders creates room for error and causes confusion.

Add-Ons: Addons are currently NOT allowed as we are shipping within 3 to 4 business days max on RTS and orders are printed almost immediately everyday.

Cancellations/Alterations: To ensure we stay within our promised TAT to you; your order is immediately entered into pre-fulfillment, therefore we are unable to cancel or alter orders once placed. We do reserve the right to cancel an order at our discretion. 

Split Shipping: We do NOT split ship orders. Unfortunately it creates chaos and mistakes during the fulfillment process, therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure you do not have pre-orders mixed with RTS items. If you need your RTS items immediately, you will have to place 2 separate orders. One containing pre-orders and one with RTS items. Thank you for your understanding. 

Packages: We are not responsible for packages once they have left our hands. Please purchase Route insurance. If you receive a damaged package you should first file a claim with Route.

Prints: It is YOUR responsibility to check prints once received within 24 hours for correctness, damages and defects. Should you receive anything like this please contact us right away so that we may remedy the situation. Please note that listings may have incorrect pressing instructions due to human error. Ensure you are following the directions on our Pressing Instructions page and choose your temperature based on the feel. Once the prints have been pressed, we are no longer responsible. Please also know it is up to our discretion whether we refund or resend prints that are missing, damaged or become OOS.

Shipping Method: We CANNOT alter the shipping method after an order is placed. This includes switching from shipping to pickup or pickup to shipping. It is simply not something Shopify allows within their platform as of yet.

Licensing: If you are using transfers from Grit & Grace to make items to sell, YOU (the purchaser) are responsible for checking all potential trademarks and copyrights associated with an image. We carry the proper licensing from designers to sell our transfers and have completed research on our end. By purchasing from Grit & Grace you are agreeing that we are not responsible for any trademark or copyright infringements accrued on the purchasers end.

G&G reserves the right to terminate their relationship with you at anytime. Should we choose to do so, we will inform the customer and place a fraud filter so no future orders can be placed. A fraud filter simply cancels an order from a certain customer based on certain parameters. If our relationship has been terminated you no longer reserve the right to sell our items or use our mockups in a public setting.

All sales or sales codes are only valid from the time stated and orders placed before cannot be altered or cancelled.

Free UPS Shipping on orders of $200 or more applies to orders BEFORE tax and discounts...like a normal business.

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